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20 March, 2024 / infocus
 Annabel Simpson  

Did you know that dental disease risk appears to be increased among elite-level athletes and that poor oral health directly impacts on sports performance?

The University of the West of Scotland carrying out a research study, looking at the advice and preventative care provided by dentists, dental hygiene therapists and dental hygienists to patients involved in competitive sports.

They are also interested in why they make decisions relating to disease prevention in athletes and what barriers are faced when providing dental care to this group specifically.

Poor dental health can have a huge impact on sports performance. While this may appear a niche topic, with a practice typically only treating one or two competitive athletes each year, any insight you can give us will be incredibly valuable to us and to the athletes we work with.

We have put together an online questionnaire, which will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, aimed at gathering information on the topic of athlete oral health. Please click on this link for more information and to access the questionnaire.

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