New radiation protection procedures for dental practices to be published

January publication will be accompanied by videos to support implementation

05 December, 2023 / infocus
 Will Peakin  

A new set of employer procedures to ensure radiation is used safely and appropriately in general dental practices is being published.

The documents are the result of a collaboration between Health Improvement Scotland and stakeholder groups including the Scottish Radiation Protection Advisors Group, the Scottish Dental Adviser Group and National Services Scotland and the Chief Dental Officer’s team.

Dental radiographs continue to be the most taken radiographs in the delivery of healthcare and the templates will help dental practices to comply and apply the regulations in a more tailored and proportionate way.

Dental radiographs continue to be the most taken radiographs in healthcare

Some of the highlights of the changes within these documents are around the provision of a ‘pregnancy poster’ template, narrative around holding and patient identification protocols.

The procedures will be published in mid to late January and will be accompanied by short videos to support their implementation.

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