Tech reveals previously undetectable mouth and jaw pressures

Modjaw uses pioneering Morphodynamics data to capture motion and dynamic occlusion

11 October, 2023 / infocus
 Will Peakin  

Having stepped back from day-to-day practice to perform a consultancy role, leading Scottish dentist Dr Rami Sarraf recently took a select team of senior staff to Poland to attend a conference on Digital Condylography.

The two-day conference was hosted by Dr Pawel Paszkiewicz, the recognised authority on new digital dentistry tool Modjaw1, which arranged the event. Developed in France, Modjaw uses pioneering JAW Morphodynamics™ data to capture jaw motion and dynamic occlusion.

Dr Sarraf, Principal Dentist at First Alba Healthcare2, attended the conference with his wife, and First Alba’s Clinical Director, Dr Ewa Plewa-Sarraf, along with dentist Dr Chris Cairns, who has a special interest in advanced restorative dentistry.

Patients will benefit across the board in new, modern, dentistry techniques

Sarraf, whose business has five practices in Perthshire, Tayside, Fife and Angus, now owns three out of the four Modjaw machines that are currently in Scotland. He will be able to offer this new service to all of his patients. Along with enabling the team at First Alba to learn more about Modjaw’s applications, the conference visit opened the door to future international cooperation between all parties.

“My team and I were delighted to attend this conference on the incredible Modjaw technology,” said Dr Sarraf. “Along with Professor Paszkiewicz, we met Professor Jan Pietruski, who, for many years has been running postgraduate courses for dentists in the field of implantoprosthetics and occlusion.

“Our plan now is to keep cooperating, upgrading the workflow and exchanging ideas. This is the way ahead for my dental business, to ensure that we bring the very best innovations to the people of Scotland. We will be arranging regular team visits between ourselves, and the team here in Poland, to advance our knowledge. We are planning to train our own researchers too.”

The First Alba Healthcare team

Dr Sarraf explained that, working with his specialists, First Alba would continue to provide the highest standards of care. “While heading up research and development for First Alba, the push for us is on technology and training, attracting more specialists to come and work for us,” he said. “We are happy to advise other Scottish dental practices on how to successfully upgrade their offering, particularly as regards training staff to a new level of excellence.”

Dr Sarraf added that First Alba would continue to invest in new equipment. “Patients will benefit across the board in new, modern, dentistry techniques that offer long term solutions for their teeth and gums,” he said. “Modjaw for example, is key to finding out why implants and other appliances may fail. Accurate to a few micrometres, it can reveal previously undetectable pressure factors in the mouth and jaw, leading to greater success in restorative techniques.”

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