New product speeds healing after dental surgery

Combines local anaesthetics, analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents

09 October, 2023 / infocus
 Will Peakin  

A novel product designed to promote healing after dental surgery was unveiled at the recent Life Sciences Baltics conference.

The product has been developed by Lithuanian biotechnology scientists. It has been shown to significantly reduce pain and swelling. When used in combination with traditional post-operative medications, has accelerated healing time by up to 40 per cent.

“This product is intended for use after tooth extractions, implants and other simple or complex dental procedures that leave behind wounds, inflammation and swelling,” said Tomas Andrejauskas, the Director of Fitodenta.

Clinical trials have shown excellent results

“The natural substances in the product formula reduce inflammation and promote healing, reducing the need for antibiotics. As we know, the World Health Organisation has highlighted the problem of growing antibiotic resistance in society and the need to reduce antibiotic use. Fitodenta products cannot replace antibiotics, but they can contribute to reducing their use.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least 30 per cent of outpatient antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary and overuse is contributing to the rising number of bacterial infections that are becoming resistant to antibacterial drugs.

Many dentists are already turning to natural products of botanical origin to improve oral health, including mouthwashes, toothpaste and essential oils. Fitodenta’s product is also enriched with natural plant extracts, which are combined with natural substances purified from plants with strong anti-inflammatory properties for maximum effectiveness.

The Fitodenta product kit consists of two products: an oral spray and a cosmetic gel. Clinical user studies have shown that the best effect is achieved when both products are used together — the spray in the oral cavity on the affected gums and mucous membranes, and the gel externally on the swollen area.

These products are intended for temporary use and should be used under the advice of a dentist or other healthcare professional.

“Clinical trials have shown excellent results – the product system has reduced inflammation and pain in some cases more effectively than other treatment methods,” said Algirdas Puišys, a Periodontologist at the Medical University in Kaunas.

“Medical trends are changing, with more consideration being given to the patient’s emotional as well as physical health. Natural and herbal products such as Fitodenta are gaining in popularity and can be used as a stand-alone treatment after minor surgery or as a supplement to other medicines.”

In today’s medical market, there is an increasing demand for treatments that are both natural and effective, as patients are looking for alternatives to synthetic drugs and treatments that may cause unwanted side effects.


Developed by Lithuanian health innovation experts and validated in clinical trials, Fitodenta’s all-natural product promotes oral healing after interventional dental surgery. The product is intended for use after tooth extraction, implants, or other dental procedures that leave wounds and swelling. “Fitodenta is enriched with natural plant extracts traditionally used as local anaesthetics, analgesics, and anti-inflammatory agents: CBD, CBG, clove extract, chamomile, peppermint, and licorice. Fitodenta is not a medical product but is intended for oral care and is classified as a cosmetic.

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