Practices seek reassurance on how to support staff with menopause

05 October, 2023 / infocus
 Will Peakin  

A recent legal judgement in which an employee was awarded £65,000 compensation after an employer failed to make reasonable adjustments when her role was affected by menopause symptoms, illustrates the importance for dental practices of having a menopause policy in place for staff.

The warning comes from Dental Defence Union (DDU) HR partner Peninsula, which provides a free employment law helpline for DDU principal members.

Vicky Kitney, from Peninsula, said it was seeing an increase in enquiries from dental principals about accommodating staff with menopause symptoms.

Fostering an open, inclusive environment will help practices in becoming menopause friendly employers

She said: “From 1 June 2023 to 31 August this year, Peninsula received more than 120 calls and emails from DDU members requesting advice on a range of HR matters.

“With the growing awareness of the need to support women with menopausal symptoms, we are seeing a steady stream of enquiries from dental practices about this issue. These account for a small but significant number of cases and the trend is increasing.

“Typical scenarios include practices who want to accommodate staff experiencing symptoms like hot flushes, as well as enquiries about supporting those who may be struggling with performance issues like forgetfulness.

“The recent legal judgement  is a reminder for all employers to ensure they make adjustments and support employees with menopause symptoms. 

“Fostering an open, inclusive environment where employees feel they can raise concerns about how the menopause is affecting them with no stigma or embarrassment, will help practices in becoming menopause friendly employers.”

Debbie Herbst, DDU dento-legal adviser said: “It’s encouraging to know that practices are seeking out expert advice on this issue. They are doing their utmost to deliver quality patient care in difficult and pressurised circumstances and will be only too aware of the need to support and retain team members.

“Research has shown that 10% of women leave their jobs and many more are reducing their hours or passing up promotions because of their menopausal symptoms. Ensuring colleagues feel supported is an important part of addressing this concern. It should also help in meeting the overall commitments set out in NHS England’s Long Term Workforce Plan, which emphasises the need to retain valued employees by encouraging them to stay in the workplace.”

The DDU website has further advice for practices on how to support staff with menopause symptoms.

DDU principal members get free access to an employment law helpline from Peninsula, a leading provider of employment law and health and safety services in the UK.

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