New dental materials testing service launched

18 September, 2023 / infocus

A materials testing service for dental manufacturers has been launched by Birmingham University.

The Birmingham Dental and Biomaterials Testing Service (BiMaTs) will provide consultancy and a comprehensive materials testing service for dental and biomaterial manufacturers. 

BiMaTs is co-founded by internationally recognised academic researchers Professor Josette Camilleri and Professor Will Palin.

The consultancy element will be key to BiMaTs, which will offer a range of services to assess the mechanical and physical properties of materials and the biological properties of material-tissue interfaces, including developing protocols that are specific to the needs of individual clients.

BiMaTs has been set up as using a unique model of commercialisation known as an ‘operating division’, which allows industry rapid access to flexible, cutting-edge services based on Birmingham’s academic expertise.  

Founder expertise

Josette Camilleri, Professor of Endodontics and Applied Materials at Birmingham has an international ranking both as a clinical researcher and as a materials scientist, is an expert for the British Standards Institution and International Standards Organisation, and is well known for testing endodontic materials. 

She is also the Chief Specialty Editor for Dental Materials in Frontiers in Dental Medicine, a senior editorial board member of Scientific Reports (Nature) and currently Vice-president Elect of the Dental Materials Group of the International Society of Oral and Dental Research with her presidency year being in 2025.

Co-founder Will Palin is Professor and Chair in Biomedical Materials Science, and Director of Research at the Birmingham’s School of Dentistry, whose research concentrates on developing novel biomaterials, medical devices and technologies for bone, tooth and injury repair. 

He is well-known for significant work in dental polymer materials and related medical device development and photobiomodulation (using light to promote tissue healing). Professor Palin is currently the Editor of the European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry and Subject Editor for Biomedical Adhesion for the International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives.

World-class testing services

The BiMaTs team has access to the world class laboratory space and wide range of equipment at the university. The service will provide a range of testing that closely replicates biomaterial use in clinical situations, as well as material characterisation, radiometry, thermography, assessment of endodontic sealer properties, microbiology, cell biology and clinical assessment of instruments and materials. 

Professor Camilleri said: “Our bespoke methods and materials development expertise had already attracted interest from top tier companies. From discussion with existing collaborators, it was clear that there is a lack of testing centres that either offer a full suite of testing capability or that can execute and complete projects in a timely manner, so we decided to formalise our offering by setting up an Operating Division through University of Birmingham Enterprise.  

Professor Palin added: “We are now in a position to make our services available, so manufacturers can demonstrate the quality and efficacy of their products through rigorous and reliable testing and make informed decisions during product development. Our highly skilled scientists and technicians will work closely with clients, to ensure accuracy, precision and swift completion of testing.”

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