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01 September, 2023 / infocus
 Will Peakin  

Lisa Currie, clinical director of The Orthodontic Clinic in Aberdeen, was among more than 40 dental professionals admitted over the summer into Fellowship of the College of General Dentistry (CGDent), in recognition of their high-level and wide-ranging capabilities.

Fellowship, which is denoted by the postnominal letters ‘FCGDent’, is the highest membership grade of the college.

The mark of accomplishment in general dentistry, it indicates a dental professional’s commitment to professional development and reflective practice, diligence in upholding the highest standards of clinical care, and distinction across clinical and professional domains.

Addressing those gathered at the Summer Reception, Abhi Pal, college president, said: “Fellowship of our college is a reflection of the years of sustained professional development you have undertaken throughout your career.

“No matter which path you have taken to Fellowship, it has required sacrifice and perseverance for the ultimate purpose of service to your patients and the profession. I not only commend you for that, but firmly believe the College of General Dentistry is the only body that will give recognition for these efforts.

“Admittance to Fellowship should however not be the end of a journey, but the start of another chapter.”

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