Pay offer to dentists in training accepted

16 August, 2023 / infocus
 Will Peakin  

A 12.4 per cent pay increase for junior doctors and dentists in training for 2023–24 has been accepted by British Medical Association (BMA) Scotland members.

Together with the pay raise of 4.5 per cent awarded in 2022–23, this amounts to a total increase of 17.5 per cent over two years, said the Scottish Government.

The deal also includes a commitment to future years’ pay, contract and pay bargaining modernisation and, said the Government, it brings to an end the threat of industrial action.

Michael Matheson, the Health Secretary, said: “I am very pleased that BMA members have overwhelmingly voted to accept this record pay deal. This is the single biggest investment in [their] pay since devolution.”

A small cohort of dentists in training in Scotland are employed under the same contract as junior doctors. 

“Due to the meaningful engagement we have had with trade unions, we have avoided any industrial action in Scotland – the only part of the UK to avoid NHS strikes.

“We will now implement this pay uplift, and will work with BMA to take forward the other aspects of the deal including contract and pay bargaining reform.”

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