21D opens new ‘super centre’ for full mouth rehabilitation

Company is the first and only provider of a fully digital guided dental implant solution

28 June, 2023 / infocus
 Will Peakin  

Leading dental implant specialist, 21D, has opened its doors to a new, state-of-the-art, ‘super centre’ to accommodate high levels of customer demand.

21D is a leading provider of full jaw dental implant solutions in the UK, having treated more than 400 patients in the last 12 months. At present, 21D is treating over 50 patients a month.

The new clinic, located in Warrington, Cheshire, will see 21D’s capacity increase three-fold to meet nationwide demand. Exclusively providing full mouth rehabilitation for £16,995 for both jaws, the 21D solution is the most affordable available in the UK.

Prior to the opening of its state-of-the-art clinic, 21D operated predominantly from its Harrogate clinic, working with partners across the country to assess patients. 21D has plans to expand further with another clinic in the South of England early next year.

The Warrington centre is expected to serve upwards of 35 surgical patients per month. This clinical unit houses two full-time surgical chairs and treatment rooms, with an additional chair to accommodate free clinical assessments. The clinic’s state-of-the-art facilities comprise the latest digital and surgical equipment. This includes a 3D CBCT scanner, 3D intra oral scanners and a fully functioning decontamination room with high-spec autoclaves and specialist air-flow technology.

21D was founded by David Veige, CEO and Rajesh Vijayanarayanan (Vijay) in April 2022. Veige is a leader in digitally guided implants. Vijay is the founder of Evo Dental which was the first business in the UK to focus exclusively on full jaw dental implants, and creator of the Evo Solution. 

Veige said: “We have a unique approach that is improving the lives of people who need it most. Our exclusive focus on full-mouth rehabilitation has allowed us to perfect our solution in a way that no one else has to date. We developed the 21D solution to be as affordable as possible, to provide people with the chance to regain their ability to speak, eat properly and smile with confidence.”

21D’s innovative solution uses 3D printed digital guides to place titanium implants within 100 microns of digital plan. This allows the design and fabrication of the prosthetic teeth to be carried out in advance of the surgery. The guides, the implant plan and the prosthetics are unique to each patient. The surgery itself takes under 60 minutes per jaw, delivered to the highest standard of safety due to its exceptional accuracy. Hence it is faster, safer, simpler and better including better value in comparison to any other solution in the UK.

Vijay said: “This is the logical successor to the Evo solution that I created. It enables us to reach a better clinical outcome for a lower cost to the patient.”

21D has employed two new specialist surgeons and four other clinicians to work at the new centre.  The business is also planning to eventually extend its operations to seven days a week, to meet patient needs and availability.

Veige and Vijay launched 21D in April 2022. Using their collective 30 years of experience in full jaw dental implants the pair were able to innovate 21D’s fully guided solution, which uses 3D printed digital guides and implant plans and prosthetics designed on specialist CAD software to safely deliver life-changing results.

To find out more about 21D, visit: www.21d.co.uk 

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