NHS Dentistry after 1 April: SDPC and BDA urge dentists to complete survey

06 February, 2023 / infocus
 Will Peakin  

All frontline dentists should “urgently” complete a short online survey relating to financial arrangements after 1 April, the Scottish Dental Practice Committee (SDPC) and BDA have said.

“In just two months the ‘bridging payments’ to NHS practices in Scotland will cease. There is no clarity on what support will take its place,” the BDA said in a statement.

“We’ve told the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care that failure to act here risks destabilising the whole dental sector. NHS dental practices must be supported to remain financially viable at this critical time. 

“We need perspective from the frontline. Please complete this five-minute survey so we can show what this uncertainty means for dentistry in Scotland.

“In recent weeks the Scottish press have heard our warnings on the system NHS dentistry in Scotland is based is on. Claims made by NHS dentists are still down by more than 50% in some health boards. An exodus from the workforce appears to be in motion. And official data is showing inequalities in access are now widening.  

David McColl, Chair of the SDPC, added: “Dentists are reconsidering their futures working in a broken system. NHS dentistry is on the critical list, and real reform won’t wait.

“The Scottish Government must move forward to fix the broken payment system at the heart of the service. But NHS dentists in Scotland cannot face a cliff edge on 1 April.

“The Scottish Government has an obligation to extend the ‘bridging payment’ to support NHS dental practices from April 2023 until a reformed payment system is fully implemented.”

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