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Online workshops will help shape NHS treatment from spring 2023

15 December, 2022 / infocus

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A group established to advise the Scottish Government on the reform of dental treatments available on the NHS has held a series of meetings.

The Advisory Group was set up by Tom Ferris, Scotland’s Chief Dental Officer (CDO), and has been asked to consider a new “high trust model” with increased clinical freedom for dental practitioners.

The Group comprises General Dental Practitioners, Dental Care Professionals and Specialists from across Scotland.

All members are committed NHS practitioners and were nominated to the Group by their local Health Boards.

The Group’s role is to consider the results of a survey of the profession (see ‘Call to simplify NHS treatment list’ on this page) and to provide clinical advice on the treatment items that should be available in a revised Determination I.

It was set-up to ensure that comments and advice on the format of a revised Statement of Dental Remuneration are available to the CDO.

Items discussed by the Group include a revised set of items for examination and diagnosis, urgent care, preventative care and periodontal care. 

Gillian Leslie, Deputy CDO and one of the Chairs of the Advisory Group, said: “This essential engagement with the sector follows on from our successful survey, which showed broad support for a simplified Determination I. 

“This new Det I will be a high-trust model that gives dentists more of the clinical freedom they desire.

“As per best practice, it will also include an increased focus on prevention and periodontal care.

“Through considering the Advisory Group’s suggestions and advice, alongside other expert evidence and guidance, we will create a much-improved system for dental professionals and NHS patients.

“We are grateful to the members of the Advisory Group for contributing to this work.”

The agendas, meeting notes and other papers relating to the advisory group can be viewed online and will be updated on a regular basis.

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