Evidence-based research links SDF treatments to numerous oral health benefits

05 December, 2022 / editorial

Evidence-based research for applying a medical model of care to restorative dentistry using SDF treatments is outlined in a new book.

A SMART Operative Guide for Working with Teeth aims to provide a less stressful and more rewarding way to practice dentistry.

Revealing insights include using SDF as a pharmacological adjunct to oral hygiene, demonstrating the ability of carious dentine to heal, the benefits of SDF in the process, and remineralisation and restoration techniques. Each of these techniques includes step-by-step instructions and summaries.   

Researched and written by Geoff Knight, an Australian general dentist with interests in aesthetic and preservation dentistry, the book walks readers through innovative restorative techniques.

With a broad clinical base, Geoff is also an Adjunct Professor of Rural Health at La Tribe University and he’s been published in numerous journals, writing more than 150 dental articles. In addition to his research, Geoff has produced a series of clinical videos and webinars, attracting more than million views on social media.

To find out more about A SMART Operative Guide for Working with Teeth and to buy the book visit https://sdirestoratives.co.uk/articles/silver-fluoride-and-glass-ionomer-cement/

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