SDI’s Luna 2 universal composite stands up to common clinical challenges

07 November, 2022 / editorial

As a leading manufacturer of dental products, SDI continues to find new ways to meet clinical challenges with Luna 2. The newest universal composite from SDI, Luna 2 was launched earlier in 2022 with features based on clinician feedback.

Building on the success of Luna, the next generation Luna 2 is new and improved, designed to elevate the workflow and provide additional benefits to patients and dentists. These include creamy handling without sticking to instruments or slumping, with leading clinicians praising its ease of use. Made possible by the composite’s ultra-fine particles, this creamy consistency also lends itself to perfect polishing, in a radically reduced time.

Additional stand-out improvements from the original Luna span from its natural tooth-like appearance across all light, and easy matching to the Classical Vita Shade Guide. With a notable high compressive strength of 360 MPa, high flexural strength at 130 MPa and an impressive 250% AL radiopacity, the composite suits almost any indication and clinical case.

BPA-free, it’s perfect for health-conscious patients, and Luna 2 adds to patient comfort by speeding up chair time with a 40 second curing time for opaque shades and just 20 seconds for remaining shades.

Dr Jatinder Heer reviewed Luna 2, commenting: “Restorations are never a one size fits all, and you might come across issues or compromised cases with children or people with a medical condition. Yet Luna 2 is the forerunner for me in most cases because it makes my life easier.”

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