GC Europe celebrates its 50th anniversary with a commitment to quality in oral health

02 November, 2022 / editorial

October 14 2022 marked GC Europe’s 50th anniversary and an opportunity for the company to commemorate its unwavering dedication to quality in oral health.

Hosting a prestigious 50th anniversary event with close to 200 guests, GC Europe put the spotlight on its plans for the next decade. This celebration closely followed GC Corporation’s centennial anniversary on 11 February 2021 which was honoured by a selection of celebratory events across the world.

The 50th anniversary event invited Dental Professionals, Academics and Trade and Industry Partners from all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The landmark occasion included inspiring speeches from local government representatives, stakeholders and research partners who all underlined the importance of strong collaboration.

Dr Kiyotaka Nakao, President & CEO of GC Corporation / GC International AG, expressed his deepest gratitude for the dedicated support that has led to today’s success, quoting GC’s new corporate Vision 2031, “to become the leading dental company committed to realising a healthy and long-living society”.

About GC Corporation

GC Corporation was founded in 1921. As a core management principle, its three founders decided to do everything by thinking from the standpoint of users. Since then, their strong determination has been passed down to generations and resulted in a company of more than 3,000 “Nakama” providing high-quality dental products across the world.

About GC Europe

Fifty years ago, in February 1972, GC International European Branch was established in Kortrijk as GC’s first office outside Japan and moved to Leuven in 1984. Through years of strenuous efforts, GC’s business in Europe has significantly expanded.

GC Europe N.V., Interleuvenlaan 33, 3001 Leuven / Phone: + / Fax: + / www.gceurope.com / info.gce@gc.dental

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