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DS Core is powered by the collaboration with Google Cloud

04 May, 2022 / infocus
 Will Peakin  

Dentsply Sirona has unveiled DS Core – an open cloud-based platform that integrates the whole workflow of digital dentistry across its devices, services, and technologies.

DS Core has been developed in collaboration with Google Cloud and “gives dentists the power to do more, so that they can focus on their patients and create easier ways to collaboratively work with labs, partners, and specialists,” the company said in a statement.

Cord Staehler, Chief Technology Officer at Dentsply Sirona, said: “We are very proud that we are now ready to take the next step in our mission to make digital dentistry easy to integrate into dental offices. In line with our recently launched collaboration with Google Cloud, this enables seamless workflows and the highest level of connectivity with the ultimate goal in mind: the best treatment outcome for patients.” 

He said the platform is efficient, cost-effective, and easy-to-use – with automatic software updates that give dentists access to the latest version and features. It makes running a dental practice easier, he added, because it seamlessly connects to Dentsply Sirona equipment and is accessible across multiple devices.

Practitioners can use DS Core to store different types of patient files and making them accessible from multiple locations, while collaborating with partners and colleagues outside their practice. The platform supports GDPR and HIPAA-compliant file sharing and cloud storage for patient case files.

It also includes two services; DS Core Create and DS Core Care. With DS Core Create, practitioners can gain access to high-quality expert designs that are tailored for each patient’s needs across a broad range of indications without having to use the software themselves. The cloud-based platform makes it easy to delegate the design workflow, which saves valuable time in the dental practice. The service integrates smoothly with Dentsply Sirona’s new Primeprint Solution and will grow in the future.

DS Core Care is a comprehensive, integrated, and easy-to-understand equipment service and support solution that harmonises equipment with service offerings to provide a seamless customer experience. This helps to increase equipment uptime and give dentists peace of mind so that they can focus on their patients.

Mr Staehler said: “By launching this digital universe with DS Core at its centre and services like DS Core Create and DS Core Care, as well as solutions like Primeprint, we are positioning Dentsply Sirona at the forefront of digital dentistry. Most importantly, we help dental practitioners to unlock the full potential of their work so that they can focus on what matters most; treating patients and giving them healthy smiles.”

Primeprint Solution is an automated, end-to-end, medical-grade 3D printing system for dentists and dental technicians who want to expand their treatment and service offerings. It is a smart hardware and software solution that is optimised for dental applications and can run the entire printing process including post-processing.

The high level of automation helps reduce handling times, allows delegation, and enables maximised productivity. Primeprint Solution enables practitioners to print biocompatible applications with reproducible and accurate results1. The printing process has been developed inline with FDA guidelines for Additive Manufacturing (AM) medical devices and outputs from the device are medical products.

Dr. Mike Skramstad, a dentist from Orono, Minnesota, USA, said: “3D printing has just taken the next leap forward with Primeprint. With the combination of complete integration, enclosed automated workflow, and industry defining efficiency, Primeprint gives me and most importantly my staff confidence that we are delivering very good and safe 3D printed parts to our patients. Furthermore, the automation supports that every application we 3D print is processed, cleaned and cured to a very high standard.”

Due to various certification and registration periods, not all products are immediately available in all countries and DS Core will be launched in a phased rollout.


1Reich S, Berndt S, Kühne C, Herstell H. Accuracy of 3D-Printed Occlusal Devices of Different Volumes Using a Digital Light Processing Printer. Applied Sciences. 2022; 12(3):1576. https://doi.org/10.3390/app12031576


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