Align Technology launches new website section encouraging GDPs to expand their comprehensive capabilities

14 September, 2021 / infocus
 Will Peakin  

Align Technology, Inc., has today announced the availability of a new page in the Invisalign go website for general dentists – both existing Invisalign providers, as well as those keen to expand their comprehensive treatment capabilities. 

Through this new page, Align provides general dentists with information about how to integrate Invisalign clear aligners into their comprehensive treatment plans, with the added benefits of precision, exceptional outcomes and a seamless digital workflow. Dentists can learn more about clear aligner therapy used as a way to offer minimally invasive care – as part of an ortho-restorative process as a corrected bite promotes the ideal environment for precise, reliable results, with no need for aggressive tooth reduction.

Learning by example is important so there is an Invisalign Go outcome gallery on the site and dentists can also request gold standard examples of cases which will show them how to integrate Invisalign treatments into their clinical practice. Also accessible is a free copy of Align’s Best Practice Statement describing ‘The Diagnosis and Treatment of Malocclusion’, which explains how orthodontic treatment can prevent and intercept oral diseases and improve quality of life.1

Because the Invisalign system is only part of the picture there is a section on the page about mastering efficiencies with a seamless digital workflow which highlights the use of the iTero digital scanner and some of the new tools Align has created for its integrated digital platform. 

Know-how from experts is reassuring so there are also videos on the site from respected dentists who describe how the Invisalign system and digital workflow amplifies the effectiveness of their comprehensive dentistry protocols. These are all general dentists from across the world who have been successfully incorporating Invisalign clear aligners as part of their treatment plans, and have also been invited to share their stories, experiences and case studies on the new platform.

News about Invisalign certification courses, continued education and Align staged events are also detailed on the site and it is possible to sign up to these with a single click.

For more information, please visit

1Pacheco-Pereira C,BrandelliJ, Flores-Mir C. Patient satisfaction and quality of life changes afterInvisalign treatment.Am J OrthodDentofacial Orthop. 2018 Jun;153(6):834–41.

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