Plan for activity measurements suspended

30 June, 2021 / infocus
 Will Peakin  

The Scottish Government has suspended its plan to introduce activity targets to ensure practices qualify for COVID financial support.

Tom Ferris, Scotland’s Chief Dental Officer, outlined the suspension in a letter to NHS practices today.

The British Dental Association said it welcomed the announcement, adding that it had “continually argued against the Government’s plan to use gross Item of Service as the sole measure of activity”. The decision will help prevent further pressure being placed on practices “who are already struggling and working under challenging conditions,” it added in a statement.

The average level of activity across the sector is approximately 50 per cent of pre-COVID levels. Practices will begin to receive a monthly notification of their activity levels, starting with the July/paid August PSD schedule, allowing them to monitor activity levels.

The Government and NHS Boards will then focus on practices which are delivering less than 20 per cent of pre-COVID activity and introduce ‘improvement action plans‘.

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