New temporary funding for NHS dentistry in Scotland

17 March, 2021 / editorial

Intermediate support funding arrangements for NHS dental services in the 2021/2022 financial year have been published by the Scottish Government.

In a letter to NHS dental practices, Mairi Gougeon, the Minister for Public Health and Sport, acknowledges that the financial support measures that were put in place in March last year as a response to the pandemic were not intended to be a long-term solution and needed to be updated.

Her announcement comes after the British Dental Association (BDA) wrote to the minister highlighting its regarding sustainable financial support for dental practices in Scotland.

A spokesperson for the BDA said: “We were pleased to see her say the Scottish Government aims to develop a medium-term funding model before introducing a whole-system reform, New Model of Care, in the future. This is essential if dental care is to be provided sustainably into the future, and we will be involved in the development of the intermediate financial arrangements.

“In the short term, it should be noted that the introduction of tiered financial support, which was due to be implemented this month, has been pushed back due to the current lockdown. We have been discussing appropriate activity measurement with the Scottish Government. The Government is also undertaking survey work to inform policy on ventilation.”

It is understood more details will be provided by the Chief Dental Officer in the coming weeks.

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