Caries risk assessment joins 21st century

13 October, 2020 / infocus
 Will Peakin  

There are many factors that affect how likely a patient is to develop caries, and during this time when dental practitioners are trying to minimise aerosol generating procedures (AGPs), the ability to identify the risk and prevent the development of caries is paramount.

Products which enable dental professionals to minimise the invasiveness of restorative procedures are also in demand at the moment as they endeavour to reduce the requirement for AGPs in dental treatment. Now, GC has launched its latest MI Dentistry Caries Risk Assessment app.

The app, which is free to download, guides you through a caries risk assessment with your patients. Based on age group and accounting for additional factors such as pregnancy, it asks a series of questions regarding oral health and the risk factors linked to caries and then suggests suitable prevention measures, as well as restorative solutions if required. This could link into a dental practice retail strategy for selling prevention therapy OTC and offering an at-home treatment solution.

Practitioners can add in their own clinical notes and download a PDF report to add to patient files, so it really is all you need to successfully assess and act upon the caries risk for all your patients in the least invasive way.

Download the MI Dentistry Caries Risk Assessment app from the Google Play Store (& soon on the App Store). For more information about GC UK Ltd call 01908 218999, email or visit

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