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24 August, 2020 / infocus
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At a virtual event held in June, Oral-B unveiled an “unprecedented era in brushing” with the introduction of its most advanced rechargeable electric toothbrush, the Oral-B iO.

The company said that Oral-B iO represents a step forward in creating the right balance between effectiveness and experience and reimagines how a brush performs, cleans and feels. From its revolutionary design to the harmony of its oscillation rotation and micro-vibrations technology, Oral-B iO “wholly transforms brushing from a perceived ‘chore’ to a pleasurable experience that patients will love,” said the company.

“Oral-B is committed to continually advancing our technology to provide a superior clean [versus a manual toothbrush] while also perfecting the art of brushing for the most enjoyable experience,” said Ian Barton the company’s R&D Senior Director. “We re-engineered our iconic round brush head technology and combined oscillation rotation with the gentle energy of micro-vibrations to deliver a gentle, sensational clean patients can’t resist.”

Oral-B iO’s key features include:

  • Deep, but uniquely gentle clean: Oral-B’s iconic round brush head contours each tooth, while the combination of oscillation rotations with the gentle energy of micro-vibrations allows Oral-B iO to glide tooth by tooth for a gentle clean, even along the gumline.
  • Pressure optimisation: The new Smart Pressure Sensor light provides positive reinforcement and protects gums by turning green when optimal pressure is applied and red when pressure is too hard.
  • Precision: The new Frictionless Magnetic Drive system gently transfers the energy towards the bristle tips so that it is concentrated where it is needed most, to experience a deep, but uniquely gentle clean.

The Oral-B iO also comes with artificial intelligence (AI), and is equipped with position sensors located in the handle. The Series 9 includes 3D teeth tracking technology with AI-enabled brushing recognition to track the lingual and buccal areas of the three bottom and upper jaw areas, plus occlusal surfaces.

More information visit Oral-B online.

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