Advice for dental nurses; BADN podcast released

01 May, 2020 / infocus

Jane Dalgarno, Chairman of the UK’s professional association for dental nurses, the British Association of Dental Nurses (BADN) has today released a podcast, through Scottish Dental magazine. Jane recorded the podcast on behalf of BADN President Jacqui Elsden, who is currently recovering from the virus.

In the podcast, Jane – who works for Community Dental Service  CIC – answers many of the questions dental nurses have been calling the BADN offices to ask, covering the furlough scheme, redeployment, support from BADN, and where to go for up to date, accurate information.

She also stressed, as did England CDO Sara Hurley in her webinar last month, that misinformation, speculation and rumour circulating on many social media platforms is causing high levels of anxiety and distress.

Jane exhorted dental nurses to get their information only from reliable sources publishing official information, such as the BADN website at, rather than from various Facebook, or other social media, groups, and to stop sharing misinformation posted there, which she describes as “the equivalent of ‘hearsay’ or ‘gossip’”.

She outlines the support offered to dental nurses by BADN, the new email address set up specifically for queries –, and the further support such as the Legal Helpline, Health & Wellness Hub and BADN Rewards, which offers a variety of special offers and discounts to BADN members.

BADN has temporarily lowered its membership fee to £30, to allow those members whose renewal is now due to continue their BADN membership, and their access to membership services; and to encourage those dental nurses who have not in the past supported BADN, their professional association, but are now in times of difficulty turning to it for assistance, to join.

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