Free webinar: Seven ways to thrive during turbulent times

21 April, 2020 / featured

Seven ways to not only survive but thrive during turbulent times: a free webinar with Ashley Latter, brought to you in association Scottish Dental magazineFriday 24 April, 2pm

The chances are when we go back to work and to our Practices, that the economy will not be like it was before the virus and we all might facing significant economic uncertainty.

With this in mind, you will need a new set of skills, a new way of thinking. A number of Practices will struggle when they go back but, like in most downturns, some will do really well.

In this webinar, Ashley will share proven strategies to help you not just survive but thrive.

You will discover:

  • What the most dangerous number in business is
  • The importance of protecting your fees
  • The different types of marketing that must be implemented
  • Reception – how to turn enquires into appointments 
  • The importance of measuring what you do
  • Discover the importance of follow up and being around
  • Understanding your maths, and why there is no such as thing as a Marketing budget


To register for this free webinar, email:

Ashley Latter is simply the best at helping dentists and their teams communicate more effectively, turning new opportunities into lifetime patients and creating a World Class Patient Journey. Over the last 24 years, more than 32,000 delegates have taken Ashley’s Open Courses world-wide in 15 countries and he has personally delivered more than 31,000 hours of business and ethical sales & communication training. Ashley is well known for helping dentists sell more ethically, allowing them to deliver the treatment they love to do, and patients want and is probably responsible for hundreds of millions of pounds worth of extra treatment plans. 

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