GDPs to get new info and jobs resource

14 October, 2019 / infocus

The website is being given a new focus as a resource for GDPs. NHS National Services Scotland has been tasked with developing the site, which will include direct links to job vacancies, independent reporting, and secure access to occupational therapy resources for dentists.

Currently, NHS dental professionals either have a private occupational health provider or access services via their health board, but some practices have expressed the view that the latter are difficult to access. The site will more easily signpost services in the relevant area. The site will feature a link to the Incident Reporting and Investigation Centre (IRIC) page, hosted by Health Facilities Scotland. Specific pages for the dental sector are being developed by IRIC, the safety and risk management unit dealing with medical devices and social care equipment. 

The aim will be to allow for and encourage real-time reporting of incidents that may merit investigation and support analysis of trends which could also prompt investigations.

Another page will be developed linking directly to respective health boards’ systems for Serious Incident Reporting. 

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