New front opens in war on sugar

18 December, 2018 / infocus

Public health leaders, academics and campaigners gathered at the British Dental Association in London in November to help take forward the war on sugar.

The BDA Sugar and Oral Health Summit was designed to set out policy responses to tooth decay and systemic diseases following the introduction of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy and the Childhood Obesity Strategy.

Tooth decay and obesity remain the most prevalent non-communicable diseases in the UK and worldwide. Tooth decay is the number one reason for hospital admissions among young children across the UK.

Representatives from the World Health Organisation and Public Health England, as well as leading dental and medical organisations, looked at new ways to secure behaviour changes by consumers and industry. They also sought to evaluate lessons drawn from campaigns and officials working to lower salt and calorie intake.

The BDA’s Health and Science chair Russ Ladwa said: “Dentists see the damage Britain’s sugar addiction does every day. We’ve won the argument for a sugar tax, but that must not mark the end of tough action on a common agent fuelling epidemics of tooth decay and obesity.

“Our objective is to look at the latest evidence and innovative policies that can open up the next front on the war on sugar.”

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