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29 March, 2018 / infocus
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BDA Scotland is seeking the views of dentists on the Scottish Government’s recently published Oral Health Improvement Plan (OHIP) through an anonymous online survey hosted on its website.

The survey is open to general dental practitioners and dentists working in the hospital dental services or in the public dental services in Scotland and will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. However, there is also a shorter version of the survey, which will take around five minutes to complete, covering some of main key points raised by the proposals.

David McColl, chairman of the Scottish Dental Practice Committee, said: “The release of the OHIP has caused concern among many practitioners; many of whom have taken parts of the aspirational plan and catastrophised some outcomes.”

“There is little detail in the OHIP and we look forward to working with Scottish Government to develop the implementation of some of the themes alluded to in the plan.”

“The profession needs reassurance that NHS dental practices will be viable under any changes and that regulation by Scottish Government, PSD, NSS and the GDC is fair, transparent and understood.”

The information gathered from the survey will be used to inform on-going discussions that BDA Scotland has with the Scottish Government about proposed changes to dentistry in Scotland.

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