Biggest ever BDA election launched

25 September, 2017 / infocus

The BDA has launched the largest election in the association’s recent history, with 285 places up for election, including 28 in Scotland.

The election will see each post outside the Principal Executive Committee utilise online voting in an effort to make the process more accessible for both voters and candidates. All potential candidates are invited to submit their nominations online as well.

The BDA’s chief executive and returning officer Peter Ward said: “This year is the largest and most modern election the BDA has ever run. We are searching for voices from every corner of dentistry, from every nation and every field of practice to help lead this profession.

“We have transformed the way we run our elections, and are providing the technology to make standing for office or voting for your representatives easier and more accessible.

“From academia to community clinics, from the high streets to the hospitals, dentistry in the UK is under pressure. The successful candidates will be the ones to help us navigate through the challenges ahead.”

Vacancies in the upcoming election include:

  • 5 seats on BDA’s Principal Executive Committee (Eastern region, the North West, Wales, the West Midlands, and one UK-wide seat).
  • 16 seats on English Council
  • 6 seats Scottish Council
  • 3 seats on Welsh Council
  • 3 on Northern Irish Council
  • 72 seats on General Dental Practice Committee
  • 30 seats on England Community Dental Services Committee
  • 28 seats on Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services
  • 34 seats on Central Committee for Dental Academic Staff
  • 7 seats on Armed Forces Committee
  • 8 seats on Dental Public Health Committee
  • 21 seats on Young Dentists Committee
  • 11 seats on Scottish Dental Practice Committee
  • 6 seats on Scottish Public Dental Service Committee
  • 5 seats on Scottish Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services
  • 6 seats on Northern Ireland Salaried Dentists Committee
  • 12 seats on Northern Ireland Dental Practice Committee
  • 6 seats on Welsh Committee for Community Dentistry
  • 6 seats on Welsh General Dental Practice Committee

For information on standing for office, visit:

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