White gloves and white wellies

Dental school tradition is turned on its head in Aberdeen

04 August, 2017 / infocus

It is traditional in most dental schools to award a pair of white gloves to the dean in the event that every single final year student passes their exams at the first sitting.

This year, the final year at both Aberdeen and Dundee all passed at the first attempt but the two schools celebrated in markedly different styles. Dundee Dental School dean Professor Mark Hector received his second set of white gloves after being presented with a pair in 2015.

However, Professor Richard Ibbetson at Aberdeen received an altogether more unusual gift. A member of Aberdeen staff said: “Richard didn’t really want any fuss about him during the students’ graduation when the focus should be on what they have all achieved.

“They duly ignored him and got him a pair of white wellies, as he likes to inform people he’s been drafted in to the wettest dental school in the UK. Apparently it rains too much up here!”

Prof Ibbetson said: “The staff at the dental school are delighted that in, May 2017 100 per cent of the students presented for the BDS final examinations were successful, graduating in June 2017. We offer our congratulations and best wishes for their futures and we look forward to watching their careers within the dental profession with interest.”

Prof Hector said: “It is always a special occasion to be presented with the white gloves as they represent the achievements of all of our graduates. The class of 2017 have excelled themselves and my colleagues and I in the dental school are delighted to extend our congratulations to them all.”


The Classes of 2017


Another year, another cohort of dental graduates who will be starting their careers in Scotland and further afield. See below for a full list of all the 2017 graduates from Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow


Aberdeen BDS graduates 2017                                             

Alexander, Matthew

Coffield, Sinead

Cook, Laura

Jenkins, Ryan

Kemp, Louise

Ley, Ellie

McGennity, James

Miller, Natalie

Murray, Rachel

Nasser, Mohammed

O’Neill, Aoife

Patel, Paayal

Rae, Rebecca

Riaz, Nadeem

Ritson, Zoe

Tan, Kim

Taylor, Lisa

Vringas, Nikolaos

Welsh, Elizabeth


Dundee BDS Graduates 2017

Blair, Stephanie

Bin Ahmad
Ridzuan, Abdul

Binti Khalid, Noor

Blair, Anna

Blair, Chiara

Burns, Stuart

Carslaw, Rebecca

Clark, Katrina

Coates, Scott

Connelly, Andrew

Connelly, Claire

Coyle, Aidan

Cromar, Dale

Dickson, Pamela

Doherty, Kathryn

Donovan, William

Dunbar, Hannah

Elliot, Kathryn

Garland, Shona

Graham, Bradley

Gray, Cameron

Green, Ross

Hameed, Merriem

Handy, Patrick

Hunter Whelan, Megan

Ireland, Katriona

Ivatt, Heather

Jack, David

Jetty, Juliana

Jordan, Christopher

Kennedy, Morag

Khader, Susan

Laorerkuthai, Kanokporn

Lim, Yu Chen

Lipski, Paige

Lister, Graham

Manning, Kathryn

Marley, Kathryn

Mayeux, Hugo

McKirdy, Lauren

Meldrum, Katy

Miller, April

Mitchell, Amber

Muir, Hannah

Munro, Ross

Murray, Samantha

Neil, Jennifer

O’Neil, Bebhinn

Parr, Robbie

Paterson, Miranda

Rashid, Haris

Ratcliff, Clare

Razali, Nadia

Robertson, Sarah

Robson, Emma

Safdar, Saira

Sands, Valerie

Scott, Louise

Southam, Jack

Stewart, Lee

Sweeney, Jill

Szyk, Aleksandra

Tan Li Phing, Felicia

Taylor, Sarah

Toner, Rebecca

Tong, Jennifer

Turner, Nicola

White, Lori

Wilson, Gregor

Young, Michael

Young, Ramsay



Glasgow BDS Graduates 2017

Andrew, Kerry

Arthur, Olivia Jane

Aslam Pervez, Abdulahad

Ayoub, Fahad Khalid

Bain, Jordan James

Bamdad, Darius Stephen

Bannister, Megan Yvonne

Barr, Andrew

Basi, Gurveer

Billimore, Katherine

Blair, Francesca

Boags, Cameron

Brown, Ciaran

Brown, Hamish Bruce

Brown, Michael Graeme

Buchan, Sarah

Burns, Kimberley

Burns, Maria

Chandran, Anupam

Cheyne, Leon

Chung, Michael

Cook, Hannah Elizabeth Helen

Cousins, Matthew

Cruickshank, Rachel

Devlin, Colin Robert

Dolan, Jacob Elliot

Dolan, Sean Alexander Reilly

Dunaway, James Edward

Edmondson, Jennifer Grace

Findlay, Stuart

Frankgate, Jordan Alexander

Gangi, Hamza

Girvan, Alexander

Glackin, Colin

Goldsmith, Rachel Catherine

Gormley, Conal Patrick

Higgins, Aoibheann Ann

Howard, Laura Anne

Hoy, Clare

Jadeja, Sagar Pankaj

Javed, Aqib

Lang, Kirsty

Lee, Amy Jane

Lee Zhiyuan, David

Little, Alistair James Coutts

MacDonald, Blair

McDowall, Melissa Christine

Macfarlane, Grant Alastair

McGowan, Lydia

Mackle, Mary-Kate

McMahon, Dean

Mahmood, Niha Aamina

Malley, Kirstie

Matthews, Dawn

Nadig, Kuber

Naeem, Hiba

Pang, Jacqueline Jenny

Patel, Anouska

Patterson, Jayne Stephanie

Quach, Henry

Rafiq, Iqra Parveen

Railton, Mischa

Ramsay, Megan Elizabeth

Rizvi, Ali Obaid

Shankar, Medha

Sharkey, Lawrence

Sheikh, Raeed Mohammed

Shum, Dean

Siu, Kenneth

Skimming, Claire Elizabeth

Swann-Price, Rhiannon

Taylor, Craig Veitch

Todd, Elizabeth Jayne

Underwood, Hannah Rachel Helen

Ur-Rehman, Hammaad

Waller, Edward Oliver

York, Hannah

Zia, Aadam

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