Warning over dodgy dental drills

Scots dentists urged to be on the look-out for spread of potentially dangerous Chinese-made counterfeit devices

02 August, 2016 / infocus

Scots dentists are being urged to be on their guard after more than 700 Chinese-made fake dental drills, which could shatter in a patient’s mouth, have been seized in the last four years.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) led the first successful prosecution involving counterfeit drills earlier this year.

It said that the counterfeit drills – which mimic the original kit in appearance and labelling –were brought to the attention of the original manufacturer by a concerned customer.

The agency say that while there is no evidence that any of these dodgy Chinese drills have made it into Scottish practices as yet, it is warning practitioners to be on their guard when purchasing new equipment.

Lynda Scammell, senior policy adviser on enforcement at the MHRA, said: “It is vital that Scottish dentists and dental staff buy equipment from bona fide suppliers and are not tempted by offers of cheaper supplies. These drills may be unfit for purpose and potentially dangerous to both patients and staff who use them.

“These drills point to a wider problem – other counterfeited or non-compliant medical devices we have seen include syringes, contact lenses and even an X-ray machine.

“People involved in this type of illegal trading have no regard for patient health. It’s your money they’re after. Always source your medical products from a reputable source – make your patients health your priority.”

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