Erosion research wins international award

Dundee PhD student’s innovative artificial mouth model beats off 500 other competitors

21 March, 2016 / infocus

Dundee Dental School PhD student Abubaker Qutieshat has received recognition from a top European dental body for his pioneering work on dental erosion.

Qutieshat’s SALTUS artificial mouth model won the European Federation of Conservative Dentistry Merit Award, beating competition from more than 500 other applicants.

The model mimics the interaction of saliva and the dental substrate during the process of consuming an erosive beverage. Researchers are able to set variables such as desirable salivary kinematic behaviour, offensive beverage flow rate and volume of consumption, gathering data using customisable experimental diets.

The model even has room for upgrades and modifications, which could widen the scope of its use in preventive and therapeutic dentistry.

Qutieshat said: “I believe that our research team have created an artificial mouth concept that will benefit dental research today and for years to come. I am very glad it got recognised.

“As this is my first international-level award, I will surely be looking forward for the next to come. SALTUS has the potential to grow further and could provide an even greater level of realistic behaviour.”

Qutieshat’s PhD work was supervised by the Professor Graham Chadwick and Dr Andrew Mason. Prof Chadwick said: “SALTUS represents a paradigm shift in laboratory erosion testing, because it is based upon real physiology.

“The work shows what can be achieved in pursuit of a Dundee higher research degree supported by supervisors of such diverse backgrounds as material science and oral physiology.”

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