Denplan challenges ban on TV advert

21 March, 2016 / infocus

Denplan has said it “strongly disagrees” with the Advertising Standards Association’s (ASA) decision to ban its recent television advert.

The ASA received 11 complaints about the “Doitforyourselfie” campaign that ran in October last year, with the claimants challenging whether the ad was misleading because cosmetic dentistry was not covered by Denplan.

The ASA ruling said: “We understood that the intended message was that if viewers wanted to love their teeth, they should consider using Denplan which would, through regular treatment, help them to avoid the problems experienced by the character in the ad.

“However, we considered that viewers were unlikely to know exactly which treatments the man required to make his teeth look good again, and were likely to assume, given that his teeth were stained yellow, crooked and cracked, that some of the treatments would be cosmetic. Because cosmetic dentistry was not available under Denplan, we concluded the ad was likely to mislead viewers.”

A spokesman for Denplan said: “Denplan strongly believes that the Denplan TV advert was not misleading. Whilst we respect the role that the ASA has to play and fully intend to adhere to the decision, Denplan feels that the ASA’s assessment on this occasion was overly subjective.

“There were no exaggerations or claims in the advert and there was a clear call to action to viewers at the end of the advert, which states: ‘Love your teeth, ask your dentist about Denplan’.

“Taking this into account, Denplan finds it difficult to understand how viewers could have been misled in the absence of an explanation about the types of treatment Denplan covers.”

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