Kashmir mission for Glasgow-based charity

Dental Aid provides valuable dental treatment for India’s poor

19 November, 2015 / infocus

A team of five dentists from Glasgow-based charity Dental Aid Network (DAN) travelled to Kashmir last month on their latest aid mission.

Following on from their successful trip to Palestine in 2014, the DAN team travelled via Islamabad to Mirpur in Kashmir on the 10-year anniversary of the earthquake that devastated the region.

Working in partnership with the Kashmir Orphans Trust, Edinburgh dentist Ferhan Ahmed was joined by Asad Khan and Khuram Shafiq from Glasgow, as well as two English-based dentists, Imran Asghar from Rochdale and Taiyub Raja from Bradford for the visit.

Over five days, the team saw 165 children who were assessed and basic dental treatment, including scaling, fillings and extractions, were provided.

Ferhan said: “Many of the children were visiting a dentist for the first time, but the team coped very well with the challenge of making the children feel at ease in the dental chair.

“The biggest challenge we faced was the regular power cuts during the day. This was overcome by treating patients who required extractions with hand scales at times of no electricity.”

For more information on the Dental Aid Network, visit www.dentalaidnetwork.org

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