Scottish dentists’ earnings hit a new low

14 September, 2015 / infocus

Dentists in Scotland are now the lowest paid in the UK according to the latest Dental Earnings and Expenses report for 2013/14.

The figures show that the average taxable income for principal dentists has fallen to £98,400, a 25.5 per cent fall from the 08/09 figure of £132,100. This is compared with £115,200 in England and Wales and £115,500 in Northern Ireland, which also marked falls of 21 per cent and 22 per cent respectively.

The average associate income of £56,200 in Scotland was only slightly higher than their counterparts in Northern Ireland, whose average taxable income stands at £54,200. This is down 24.7 per cent from the 08/09 figure of £74,700 in Scotland compared with a 27.1 per cent drop from £74,000 in Northern Ireland. In England and Wales the average taxable income for associates was £60,600, compared to £75,400 in 08/09.

We have become the lowest paid dental practitioners in the whole of the UK, enduring years of cuts and red tape

Robert Donald

Robert Donald, chair of the Scottish Dental Practice Committee, said: “The Scottish government has to consider the costs when it leaves a whole health profession demoralised, and think twice about the future.

“We have become the lowest paid dental practitioners in the whole of the UK, enduring years of cuts and red tape. Dentists in Scotland are under pressure, and government has a responsibility to ensure patients don’t end up paying the price.”

Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, chair of the BDA’s General Dental Practice Committee (GDPC), said: “Dentists keep being asked to do more with less. Since the financial crash, both practice owners and associates have had to stomach around a 20 per cent drop in their real incomes, and these cuts have consequences. Patients inevitably suffer when our profession is left incapable of investing in new equipment, and facing down a bourgeoning crisis of morale.

“When tooth decay remains the number one source of hospital admissions among children the only option on the menu in Holyrood, Westminster, Stormont and Cardiff Bay has been swingeing cuts. It’s time we saw some real investment in oral health.”

Figures for General Medical Practitioners were also released at the same time and reported that the average taxable income for UK GMPs (contractor and salaried) in 13/14 was £90,200. In Scotland the figure was £86,500, Northern Ireland £96,500, Wales £85,900 and in England £90,700.

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