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28 July, 2015 / infocus

An Aberdeen dental student is set to launch a new oral health programme to help children in Tanzania.

For the past three years, Clare Lowe has been working with the Go Make a Difference charity, building a health centre, teaching oral health and organising surveys and fact-gathering exercises.

However, the student from Westhill is now taking her charity work in the country to new levels by introducing the programme that she has developed.

She said: “When I first went out, I hadn’t started my dental course yet so I was helping to do all kinds of things like helping provide clean water sources and teaching general health education to youngsters.

“But as I progressed in my dental course, I realised the skills I was learning in Aberdeen could be put to good use in Tanzania.”

Clare is going to roll out the programme in the town of Musoma, where she has identified a particular need for her support.

“Locals use a frayed stick to clean their teeth as toothbrushes and toothpaste are expensive. They’re just not a priority for these people.

“Little was done in terms of prevention. They were forced to wait until something went wrong with a tooth and then either pull it out, or consult a local witch doctor.”

Now, however, she intends to spends time each year returning to the village to help improve the community’s oral health.

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