BDA pulls plug on Scottish survey

28 July, 2015 / infocus

Practitioners have reacted angrily to the BDA’s decision to pull their support for a survey of Scottish dentists’ attitudes to the GDC just hours before it was due to be sent out.

The survey was scheduled to be distributed on 6 July to all Scottish GDPs asking if they thought the GDC was still fit for purpose and whether they would support a separate Scottish regulator.

Scottish Dental magazine understands that Principal Executive Committee (PEC) chairman Mick Armstrong, personally intervened and stopped BDA staff sending out the survey, saying that the questions related to Scottish Dental Practice Committee (SDPC) policy, but that it was “not BDA policy”.

He is also said to have described the exercise as potentially disruptive and divisive.

A source close to the SDPC said: “All SDPC wanted to do was survey dentists to see what their thoughts were. And, in fact, the BDA was initially quite supportive of that. It was providing administrative support and was going to post out the survey.

“Then, at the 11th hour, the chair of the PEC has stepped in and said it is not BDA policy, we are not doing it.”

And Kieran Fallon, former member of the SDPC and one of those involved in proposed formation of the new Scottish Association of Local Dental Committees, said: “This is another example of the BDA in London stepping in to rule over Scottish committees and it is exactly why I and some others resigned from the BDA last year. It encapsulates all that is wrong at the moment with the BDA.”

Robert Donald, chair of the Scottish Dental Practice Committee, said: “SDPC is disappointed that the BDA has decided to withdraw support for the survey, but we will carry it out ourselves using Survey Monkey.

“Scottish GDPs will be contacted and invited to participate over the next few days.”

The BDA was contacted, but refused to comment.

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