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26 May, 2015 / infocus

Professor Mike Lewis was among the speakers at the recent Oral-B Up To Date seminar held at the Westerwood Hotel in Cumbernauld.

Prof Lewis, who is the current dean of the School of Dentistry at Cardiff University, graduated from Dundee in 1979 and has also held positions at Dundee Dental Hospital and Glasgow Dental Hospital.

He gave a talk entitled ‘Mouth cancer – size does make a difference’, which included a visual quiz that challenged attendees to identify instances of mouth cancer. After his talk, host Stephen Hancocks asked for a show of hands to indicate who had seen a case of mouth cancer in the last 12 months, to which nearly 20 hands were raised.

Prof Lewis said: “In the past it was generally accepted that you would see one mouth cancer patient every 20 years, now it is more like one every five years.”

Prof Avijit Banerjee, honorary consultant in restorative dentistry at King’s College London, then spoke on minimally invasive dentistry before Prof Iain Chapple, professor of periodontology at Birmingham, gave a talk entitled: ‘Too little, too late: Early diagnosis saves teeth… saves lives’.

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