VOCO – pioneering innovations at the Dentistry Show 2015

VOCO will present several remarkable novelties at the Dentistry Show 2015

19 March, 2015 / products

Take, for example, Admira Fusion, the world’s first restorative material to combine ORMOCER with nanohybrid technology.


In this case, both the fillers and the matrix are based on silicon oxide. Thanks to this “pure silicate technology”, Admira Fusion boasts excellent biocompatibility, extremely low shrinkage, optimal colour stability and a high filler content.

The new filling system is complemented by Admira Fusion x-tra, which allows increments of up to 4 mm while displaying the same physical properties. Further new products include the fast-setting glass ionomer material IonoStar Plus and Clip Flow, a flowable restorative material for temporary restorations.

Developed especially for the prophylaxis sector, VOCO is introducing the protective dental cream Remin Pro forte, adding ginger to the range of flavours available in the Remin Pro product range. In addition to these innovations and the well-known “Made in Germany” bestsellers, VOCO will also be exhibiting a whole host of offers at amazing bargain prices in its highlights.

Visit VOCO at the Dentistry Show, stand L55.
For more information, call 07500 769 613, email info@voco.com or visit www.voco.com

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