Pre-eminent professor visits Vermilion

22 December, 2014

One of most respected periodontists and implant researchers in Europe visited an Edinburgh clinic recently as part of his research project into implant-retained over-dentures.

Professor Hugo De Bruyn, head of the department of periodontology and oral implantology at the University of Ghent and visiting professor of implant prosthetics at Malmo University, visited Vermilion in Corstorphine to analyse data compiled by oral surgeon David Offord and prosthodontist Grant Mathieson.

Since opening in 2011 the clinic has placed implant-retained over-dentures in 23 upper jaws and 24 lower jaws. David said: “There is a paucity of evidence around immediate loading of over-dentures, especially in the maxilla, and when I showed our data to Prof De Bruyn earlier this year he was very interested and offered to help us publish.

“To that end, the professor and his prosthodontist colleague Dr Carine Matthijs and two of his PhD students came across to the clinic to meet our patients and validate our results.”

The clinic gave over three surgeries to the researchers and, over two days, 24 patients were successfully recalled to gain data on implant stability, peri-implant health, prosthesis retention, occlusion, wear and implant positioning. Digital apical radiographs were also taken to measure marginal bone levels and each patient then completed an opinion and quality of life questionnaire.

The data will be analysed by Prof De Bruyn and his team and the preliminary findings will be presented by David and Grant at a conference to be held at the University of Ghent on 30 January 2015.

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