MPs to discuss GDC performance

05 December, 2014

The performance of the GDC is to be scrutinised by MPs less than a week before it is brought before a judicial review in the High Court.

The debate has been introduced by Conservative MP and registered dentist Sir Paul Beresford and will take place in Westminster Hall on Tuesday 9 December at 11am.

The judical review, instigated by the BDA, is set to take place six days later on Monday 15 December.

The chair of the BDA’s prinicipal executive committee, Dr Mick Armstrong, welcomed the debate and called on the government to recognise the scale of the crisis in healthcare regulation and honour pledges for reform.

He said: “The General Dental Council has failed patients and practitioners alike. We’ve seen people left in limbo for over 18 months waiting for their cases to be dealt with, and hearings that cost up to £78,000. The GDC has lost sight of its principle task to protect patients, and lost the trust of the dental profession. It’s only right that MPs are giving this matter proper scrutiny.

“Britain has over a million regulated healthcare practitioners, serving tens of millions of patients. And frankly they all deserve better. David Cameron called for action on the ‘outdated and inflexible’ laws applied by our regulators. We are calling on government to honour that pledge.”

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