BDA keen to ‘forge a different future’

04 December, 2014 / business

The chair of the BDA’s principal executive committee has called on government and other healthcare associations to “turn the page on ineffective and inefficient regulation”.

Dr Mick Armstong was talking ahead of the association’s landmark judicial review that is due to be heard in the High Court on 15 December. He said that the association believes that its case could be indicative of a wider crisis in healthcare regulation, and it is calling on government and partners to seize this opportunity to reassess both the legislative framework and working practices of the healthcare regulators.

He said: “Monday 15 December isn’t just judgement day for dentist’s fees. It’s another chapter in the story of inflexible regulation delivered through an even more inflexible regulator.

“Whatever the outcome, we intend to use this opportunity to forge a different future. No healthcare professional should have to pay the price for their regulator’s mismanagement. Nurses and midwives have all experienced similar difficulties – and dentists won’t be the last. It is our firm belief that these events have a bearing upon the autonomy and accountability of all regulators, their competence and their duties to act reasonably.

“We can turn the page on ineffective and inefficient regulation. Whatever the outcome of our legal challenge, other regulated professions need to be alert, and government needs to be prepared to act.

“Regulation should be based on an effective partnership between patients, public and professionals. It should be proportionate, fleet of foot and offer real value for money. Government should seize this opportunity and secure changes to both legislation and working practices to make that a reality.”

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