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25 March, 2024 / professional-focus
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It doesn’t matter how long you have been working in dentistry, what you have achieved so far or what your career aspirations are, Clyde Munro offers supported development opportunities for you. In fact, we are proud to provide a comprehensive pathway for all our dentists, with on-going education and training taking clinicians from VT to associate dentist, and later on to lecturer, teacher, mentor or associate with special interests.

From the very beginning, we help dentists create an effective development plan for them. We have a huge network of highly experienced dentists and mentors to offer advice and guidance, enabling all young dentists to discover the right pathway for them. But this support doesn’t stop there. Education and training are available to all our dentists at every stage of their career. With practices across Scotland, we always have great opportunities for dentists looking for different responsibilities and new challenges.

A step through time


Clyde Munro has various VT training practices set up specifically to enable VTs to consolidate, advance and broaden their skills in a safe and effective way. We give them access to cutting-edge technologies, encouraging them to deliver the highest quality patient care from the very beginning. With a network of talented and highly experienced clinicians across the group, we offer expert mentorship for VTs throughout their training.

The standard VT study days are complemented by Clyde Munro’s own Best Foot Forward Programme, further improving each dentist’s transition into an associate role. This provides additional training days throughout the year, covering important topics that we feel VTs need to understand as they lay solid foundations for a long and successful career in dentistry. Sessions explore technology that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on patient care, including how it facilitates the reading of radiographs for accurate diagnostics and improves patient communication. The programme also aims to build confidence in endodontics, help individuals maximise opportunities as self-employed contractors, and enable dentists to better manage their stress for enhanced wellbeing. We appreciate the pressure that dentists can be under, so we feel it is especially important to help our clinicians optimise their own physical and mental health, as well as their patients’.

Dr Paul Capanni said in his VT year: “Working within Clyde Munro, you feel like you’re a part of something bigger. There’s a lot of support in everything from clinical aspects to logistical and financial.

“It’s nice to be at the forefront of digital dentistry and to be exposed to things you might otherwise not be exposed to. It’s a good group to work for; they are always investing in you in some way.”

Early careers

Beyond VT, Clyde Munro provides the Flying Start Programme. This initiative continues the support dentists need to make the very most of their initial years as an associate. It provides training on a range of clinical, financial and business topics. From further education in endodontics to ethical selling, optimising digital workflows and improving sustainability, the programme explores all the areas that clinicians need to know about.

Dr James Campbell commented: “The Flying Start Programme has been integral to my personal and professional development. It means that there is a network of peers and more experienced colleagues to turn to for support whenever I need it. The practical advice, help and training received from experts on aesthetic treatment plans and patient communication has been most helpful for me.”

Later career

Even once dentists are established within their careers, Clyde Munro continues to offer education, CPD and development opportunities. Have a special interest in a certain area? We can help. Looking to start teaching or mentoring others? We have a network for you to support. Learning never stops in dentistry, and neither does the support from Clyde Munro. Whatever your career aspirations, we have the passion, support and facilities to make them happen!

Dr Bruce Duguid said: “I have been a GDP for 28 years and working with Clyde Munro for about 2 years. The biggest reason I enjoy working with them is the huge support network available. It’s a very large family of dentists, rather than an isolated group of practitioners. Dentistry can be a very lonely and isolated profession. As such, it’s nice to have other professionals to reach out to and get support from if needed.”

Join us

No matter what stage you have reached in your career, consider joining Clyde Munro to fulfil your potential.

Find out more about the career opportunities and vacancies available with Clyde Munro today at or contact for a confidential chat

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