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Vermilion’s new second floor expansion is simply stunning

08 December, 2023 / professional-focus
 Will Peakin  

“I admire your commitment to patient care and to patient experience, and I admire your role as an important employer in the constituency.” Alex Cole-Hamilton, leader of the Liberal Democrats in Scotland and MSP for Edinburgh Western, was speaking about David Offord, Principal of Vermilion – The Smile Experts, at the opening of their second floor expansion of – and £800,000 investment in – their clinic at 24 St John’s Road.

Mr Cole-Hamilton added: “I admire your profession. You provide more than just dentistry – you provide people with self-esteem, you provide them a sense of wellbeing, positive mental health, and you
are often the first identifier of things like mouth cancer. So, thank you again, for what you do.”

In his speech, David thanked his wife Emma and children for their unstinting support over the years and thanked his clinical, business and administrative teams for their hard work, particularly during COVID-19 and more recently in making the expansion a reality, as well as for their dedication and expertise.

You provide more than just dentistry – you provide people with self-esteem, wellbeing, positive mental health

He also thanked Vermilion’s referring dentists: “We wouldn’t be here without you. We are doing this because we want to offer an incredible service to your patients and to keep raising the bar.”

Key to their success, said David, were those who worked on the expansion – architects NVDC, supply and install provider IWT Dental Services, bespoke dental cabinet makers Modwood, HTM 01/05 solution providers Dental Decontamination – as well as treatment solutions provider Southern Implants and handpiece and equipment suppliers NSK Dental. 

The expansion brings the team under one roof, affords a beautiful reception area for patients and provides enhanced CPD capacity.

The summer opening evening attracted a huge crowd of well-wishers who enjoyed an early glimpse of Vermilion’s stunning new space; 350 square metres comprising five surgeries dedicated to endodontics, periodontics/dental hygiene and orthodontics, and an LDU – in addition to the existing first-floor clinic with its five surgeries dedicated to implantology and oral surgery.

“The expansion is giving us a lot of joy,” David told Scottish Dental. “It’s a great place to work. It’s beautiful, bright and airy. I get such a buzz from walking from the first floor to the second floor, seeing our people enjoying their work, whether they’re a dentist, an administrator, a receptionist, or a nurse.

“The number of referrals is growing all the time, particularly in relation to implants, endodontics and periodontics. Simply put, we needed more capacity. We’ve also been very keen to have everyone back under one roof.”

He added: “Delivering CPD has always been a central focus throughout our 12-year existence. Every year we run a varied programme of CPD courses for our referring dental colleagues. Notably, the space will have the possibility of live video links to surgeries with delegates able to observe live endodontics, live implant surgery etc. Hopefully, we can offer inspiration.

“Younger dentists must keep the faith: they have picked a good degree and they can have a great career! At Vermilion, we see it as our role to offer inspiration and encouragement, especially to younger colleagues.”

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