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15 November, 2023 / professional-focus
 Victoria Forbes  

At the time of writing, we have seen the first two weeks of the new SDR in place.

Given the huge changes to operations, due to the simplification/reduction of claim codes, the implementation seems to have gone relatively smoothly thus far.

The increased fees will provide some much needed cashflow for NHS practices which have battled hard to pay rapidly increasing costs and we hope this will ease stress levels for a sector showing real signs of distress.

We encourage you to review your communications and to check in on your colleagues

With the cost of living crisis causing real pressures for the nursing/admin team members we are, in particular, witnessing very real worries from both employer and employees in the sector.

The danger is that, in some cases, a lack of empathy/understanding of each other’s position can breed friction between the team. After a period when the sector was seen to pull together against the common challenge of COVID-19, we now risk division with the current challenges. 

The most harmonious practice cultures are achieved when there is genuine interest and concern shown between all team members.

The cash concerns for all involved may not be solvable instantly, but ignoring those concerns is not a healthy approach for anyone involved. We encourage you to review your communications and to check in on your colleagues.

This is a time to stick together. Together you are stronger. 

Good luck and take care of each other.

Victoria Forbes, Director, Dental Accountants Scotland

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