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When it comes to selecting infection control equipment and maintenance packages not all offerings are made equal

11 October, 2023 / professional-focus
 Nicky Varney  

The quality of both the products and services you purchase will have a significant impact on the functionality of your equipment, the potential disruption caused to patient care and the costs you incur over time.

That’s why Eschmann provides Care & Cover – a comprehensive service offering that delivers unlimited breakdown cover, Annual Validation and Pressure Vessel Certification, unlimited Eschmann parts and labour, as well as Enhanced CPD user training – all with no hidden fees.

Why is maintenance and breakdown cover so important?

An equipment breakdown is more than just frustrating for the professional team who have to deal with the situation. If there are no sterile instruments available, this will cause substantial disruption to patient care and may require individuals to postpone their treatment. This has serious implications for the quality of care they receive and, in turn, could negatively impact the practice’s reputation. Further still, the professional workflow will be disrupted by the additional task of needing to get equipment repaired or replaced.

Equipment maintenance can prevent malfunctions and complete breakdowns from happening in the first place. Even more than this, ongoing servicing and maintenance will prolong the life of your products, protecting your investment over time.

How does the right equipment and servicing support compliance?

Aside from the positive implications for patient care, professional workflows and business finances, effective equipment maintenance and servicing are essential for compliance with HTM 01-05.[i] This document outlines various areas that should be considered when purchasing new decontamination equipment and managing its maintenance. For example, it states that “robust contractual arrangements” must be in place to provide breakdown cover, long-term maintenance and validation of the equipment. This further highlights the importance of having a reliable plan in place, like Care & Cover from Eschmann.

What makes a good support team?

In the event of an equipment malfunction, you need to know that the technical support team you contact can provide reliable support to get you back up and running. Eschmann is proud to offer a dedicated, in-house team of factory-trained engineers. They have extensive experience with the equipment and are trained specifically on Eschmann technologies to ensure that they know the solutions inside out. This means, whatever the question or concern, they have likely seen it before and will be able to provide a satisfactory resolution for complete peace of mind.

How fast is help available?

Wherever possible, our team will access your equipment remotely to troubleshoot issues and provide support instantly. Where a resolution is not possible, Eschmann engineers are located across the UK and can often be on site within hours. Their technical know-how and experience mean they usually provide a fix on the same day. They also have fast access to original manufacturer’s parts, ensuring a high-quality repair service you can trust. Where such a quick resolution isn’t possible, they will provide temporary equipment to keep your practice running smoothly while they take your machine away to be fixed.

Is annual servicing enough?

The short answer is no. To keep your decontamination equipment in top condition, running smoothly and with a long shelf life, it is essential that the practice staff perform regular testing as well. Your Eschmann engineer will show you how to do this effectively during the installation of your new technology, providing Enhanced CPD training for the practice team members present.

In addition, Eschmann engineers will provide Annual Validation and Pressure Vessel Certification of relevant units to further ensure they run efficiently and your practice remains compliant with all regulations.

Don’t just take our word for it – long-term customer Tracey Cage, Practice Manager at Kelvin House Dental Practice, said: “Both the products and the Care & Cover service offering from Eschmann have worked perfectly for us. The latter ensured that the equipment was kept in top condition and functioning optimally for as long as possible.

“If anything ever went wrong, someone was out quickly to fix the issue. We also saw the same engineer for many years, which helped with continuity of service. Of course, our team played their part in looking after the equipment properly with distilled water and daily/weekly testing for the old machine to ensure it continued to run effectively.

“We would absolutely recommend Eschmann equipment and the Care & Cover maintenance programme. The entire team have done a fantastic job and we have no complaints at all. The fact that one model lasted 16 years and we have another that is already 12 years old speaks volumes for the quality of the product and service.”

A service you can trust

For a comprehensive service offering that delivers unlimited breakdown cover, Annual Validation and Pressure Vessel Certification, unlimited Eschmann parts and labour, as well as validated CPD user training, utilise the Care & Cover service offering.

For more information on the highly effective and affordable range of infection control products from Eschmann, please visit or call 01903 875787

[i] Health Technical Memorandum 01-05; Decontamination in [primary care dental practices. Department of Health. [Accessed July 2023]

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