Early detection in 15 minutes or less

11 October, 2023 / professional-focus

All too-often, oral cancer is detected in the late stages. This can make treatment difficult, and heavily impact patients’ quality of life. When detected in stages I and II, the chances of survival are doubled.

As such, routine screening for oral cancer is essential and the BeVigilant™ OraFusion™ System from Vigilant Biosciences® produces a simple and accurate risk assessment to aid in early detection.

The non-invasive tool analyses saliva and, in 15 minutes or less, produces a report of either low, moderate, or elevated risk levels associated with oral cancer, to assist dentists in their decision making.

The non-invasive tool analyses saliva

For more information about what could be a truly life-changing, pre-diagnostic test, please contact the team at Vigilant Biosciences® for a demo.

For more information, please visit www.vigilantbiosciences.com or email info@vigilantbiosciences.com

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