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AS Endodontics provides a leading service for valued referring dentists as well as effective and timely treatment and care for patients

26 June, 2023 / professional-focus
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AS Endodontics was established in 2016 by Dr Arvind Sharma. As a general dentist, Arvind saw a significant need for more services offering endodontic treatment in Edinburgh and the surrounding area. Existing services were limited and waiting times for patients were long.

This led him, in 2016, to complete his masters in endodontology at the University of Central Lancashire – with a view to limiting his practice to endodontics.

Since then, he has done exactly that and has now established a purpose-built clinic with multiple practitioners offering endodontic treatment five days a week. Arvind draws on evidence-based approaches, combined with modern techniques, to ensure his patients receive outstanding care.

Having multiple practitioners offering endodontic treatment ensures that we can provide referring dentists a quicker and more efficient service which not only helps them in their patients’ journey

“At AS Endodontics, we strive for excellence and aim to provide the leading endodontic service for our valued referring dentists and the most effective and timely treatment and care for patients,” said Arvind.

“Our commitment to help reduce waiting times ensures patients are not experiencing discomfort or pain longer than necessary and assists our referring dentists in providing the best care. Patients and referring dental practitioners know we are reliable; we have integrity, and they can trust AS Endodontics.”  

Arvind’s wife, Joty, holds a BBA – from Simon Fraser University in Canada, and has a background in marketing, public relations and event management. While taking a career break to raise their family, she pursued her interest in property and developed a small property portfolio which she manages. Joty also works part-time for a leading Edinburgh estate agency.

 “It was my broad interests and knowledge in marketing, customer service and property development that motivated me to help Arvind take AS Endodontics to the next level,” she said.

Jory and Arvind Sharma

“Being on-site during the building works was exciting and stressful at the same time. However, seeing the builders and communicating with them almost every day ensured that everything went to plan. More importantly, it allowed Arvind to focus on what he does best and that is dentistry!

“By each of us focusing on our own strengths and bringing them together, it allowed us to create a practice that not only provides a seamless service to referring dentists but also ensures the patient journey is smooth.

“Customer service in any industry is key, therefore at AS Endodontics we ensure that we communicate with our referring dentists, we deliver exceptional care and treatment to patients as soon as possible in a calm and caring environment.

“We then provide a report to the referring dentist and discharge the patient back to their care. The referral and patient journey are at the centre of everything we do.”

AS Endodontics is situated at 109 Comiston Road in Morningside, a building which was previously home to Henderson Wines. “When the property became available, we were very excited because the location is fantastic, the building is a great size and, most importantly, we felt a connection to the property because it is near our home and is so well-known in this area,” said Joty.

Planning permission took time to obtain because of the pandemic and the specification provided to the project architect and builder was demanding. Not least because of Arvind and Joty’s insistence that the property be stripped back to its shell (which inevitably revealed construction challenges) and that the layout follow the recommendations of a Feng Shui Master to create a more natural energy flow.

NVDC Architects had one of the most challenging roles because they had to work within the confines of the feng shui suggestions – each room of the practice was allocated to a specific location according to how the energy benefited each space,” said Arvind.

“With patience and perseverance, Farahbod [Nakhaei, the studio principal] and his team took a very old building and succeeded in designing the optimal space. They helped bring my vision to light and created an amazing environment that enhanced energy flow and designed ideal spaces for patients to feel relaxed and employees to feel rejuvenated. They were always on hand throughout the project to guide us and answer any questions we, or our builder, had.”

The building was completely renovated, with new electrics and plumbing as well. The front door was moved to create a more natural flow entering the building which, in turn, required a new ‘shop front’ to be custom built. Creating Arvind’s surgery required walls to be moved and new structural work to be undertaken.

“Our contractor, Eastern Property Management had previous experience in building dental practices,” said Arvind. “They understood our requirements and managed the whole build from beginning to end. They also used reputable subcontractors and suppliers when required. Eastern’s workmanship and attention to detail was phenomenal!

“Nothing was too big or too small a job, they always wanted to satisfy the client. They were also great at putting forward ideas and opinions that they thought would enhance the project. They worked closely with Joty to ensure they were achieving not only the build requirements, but the overall look and feel of the practice as well.  We felt they took pride in their work and were very keen to deliver an amazing space.”

Finance was arranged by Performance Finance. “They believed in the business and the business plan and their customer service was outstanding,” said Arvind. Logic IT Solutions provided all the software, including Dentally’s dental software, and hardware, including televisions. “They were very efficient, organised and competitively priced. Their team communicated well and worked closely with the builder in ensuring their wiring was completed at key stages.

“On completion of the building work, they installed their equipment and provided the relevant training. Their online support has also been helpful, especially the first few days into opening. We have a long-standing relationship with Wrights and trusted their ability to supply everything from the equipment, chairs, to the LDU.  Their team was very reliable and worked closely with the builder in providing the surgery drawings, to making site visits when necessary.”

At AS Endodontics, Arvind is joined by Dr Ioannis Sagxaridis and, come September, by Dr Nabeel Abdur Rashid. “Having multiple practitioners offering endodontic treatment ensures that we can provide referring dentists a quicker and more efficient service which not only helps them in their patients’ journey” he said. “But it also helps patients be seen in a timelier manner, therefore reducing any pain or discomfort they may be experiencing Ultimately, our goal is to help a patient save their tooth.”

Both surgeries are spacious and bright, with natural light and allowing ease of movement. Each is equipped with state-of-the-art Zeiss dental microscopes which enables the team to treat all aspects of complex endodontic referrals, including root canal re-treatments. There are two sinks in each, for the dentist and the nurse, and air conditioning is available if required.

From September, the team will be expanding their services to include surgical endodontics. Provision has been made for the installation of 3D imaging with CBCT which will assist in endodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. The reception area is tranquil, with a calming colour scheme, indoor plants, air conditioning and a lot of natural light.

Staff have their own changing area, WC, spacious lockers and a large kitchen with dining area which, again, benefits from natural light. A rear exit allows staff to easily step out for fresh air.

“Listening to employees is important,” said Arvind, “as well as providing them with an environment that respects their opinions and recommendations. It’s also easier for employees to be heard in a smaller dental practice and it’s easier for the principal to provide and order what is required quickly.

Arvind added: “This project could not have been possible without the constant support of my wife, daughters and parents. Joty is the real reason this has all happened. She was the project manager and liaised, almost daily, with the builder and companies and pretty much all aspects of this project. She’s an incredible lady and I’m blessed to have her by my side.”

The team

Alongside Arvind is Dr Ioannis Sagxaridis, Dental Surgeon. Ioannis is an experienced and passionate dentist who provides the highest quality treatment for his patients. He completed his degree in dentistry at Thessaloniki, Greece, in 2008. After moving to Scotland in 2010 he gained extensive experience in general dentistry in Glasgow, Falkirk, and Ayrshire. In 2015 Ioannis undertook postgraduate training and was awarded a Diploma in Endodontics, with Merit, by the University of Central Lancashire.

From September, they will be joined by Dr Nabeel Abdur Rashid. a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, where he received his Speciality Diploma – Membership in Endodontics in 2020. Nabeel holds an MSc in Endodontics from the University of Warwick and an MSc in Prosthodontics from the University of Edinburgh.

During his time in the University of Edinburgh, Nabeel was trained in both Endodontic and Prosthodontic specialties for three years by leading specialists in Scotland. Prior to his career in Scotland, Nabeel completed his BDS from Manipal, India in 2009.

Louise Rae

They are supported by a team who bring a wealth of experience working in the healthcare sector. Each member is passionate about the work they do and creates a friendly, caring and supportive environment.

Particularly Louise Rae, who spent several years as a manager in the optical industry before moving into dentalcare where she found her calling.

Organised, efficient and caring, Louise provides a supportive and warm environment for all patients and ensures their experience is seamless from beginning to end.

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