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The first dental implant has been carried out on the island of Arran

14 December, 2022 / indepth
 Will Peakin  

Emma Kendall and her dentist husband Kenneth took over Arran Dental Care, a one surgery practice on the island, in November 2021. A little under a year later they made history, with the island’s first implant.

“We found there is great demand for implants on the island,” said Emma, a dental nurse and the practice manager. “But patients struggle to make the journey off the island.

“Especially with the difficulties in securing ferry bookings, made worse by the high number of cancellations in the winter months, not to mention the added cost of travel and accommodation if carried out off island.

“Placing an implant has not been an option in the past as there was not a dentist on the Island qualified to provide this treatment. Patients have had to go to the mainland to get any implant treatment. We wanted to help patients by providing as much treatment here on the island as possible.”

Arran Dental Care caters to NHS, private and plan patients, providing a wide range of treatments – from restorative to prosthodontics.

Making up the team, along with Emma and Kenneth is – with the introduction of implants – visiting colleague John Wall, general practitioner with a specialist interest in implants, and owner of Cherry Court Dental Care & Implant Clinic in Peebles.

“Our colleague and friend, John, is an experienced implant surgeon who trained with one of the best implant dentists in Scotland,” said Emma.

“John wanted to come to Arran and provide a fantastic service to patients. He comes to the island every six to eight weeks to see patients. He has also been mentoring Kenny on the restorative side.

“At Arran Dental Care our aim is to provide comprehensive, modern, dental care to the island community.”

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