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22 June, 2022 / indepth

Endodontics: Basic Principles and Application in Practice is a set of open access presentations

The British Endodontic Society has launched a set of resources, developed in collaboration with NHS Education Scotland (NES), to support final year students, graduates, and primary care practitioners.

Endodontics: Basic Principles and Application in Practice1 is designed to be accessible, interactive, and dynamic, said Professor Alison Qualtrough, senior lecturer at the University of Manchester and a council member of the British Endodontic Society.

“For several years there has been national, if not international concern, relating to the limited experience of graduates by the time they move into Dental Foundation Training – particularly experience in endodontics, in relation to other areas,” she said. “Some of the cases our undergraduates face are complex and these days, for example, an undergraduate is more likely to treat a patient requiring molar root canal treatment rather than the more simple anterior tooth as may previously have been the case.”

The resources –with new ones to be added in the future – include presentations on the following:

  • Management of Deep Caries and the Exposed Pulp – with Phil Tomson, Head of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant, Birmingham School of Dentistry
  • Dental Trauma – with James Darcey, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, University Dental Hospital of Manchester
  • Access Cavities – with Sanjeev Bhanderi, Specialist Endodontist and Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool
  • Irrigation – with Will McLean, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Endodontics, Glasgow Dental Hospital and School
  • Nickel Titanium Instruments in Endodontics – with Mark J Hunter, Specialist Endodontist Practitioner
  • Obturation – with Mr Mark J Hunter, Specialist Endodontist Practitioner
  • Post Endodontic Restorations – with Noushad Rahim, Special Interest in Endodontics, based at King’s College London
  • Risk Management in Endodontics – with Alyn Morgan, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow at Leeds Dental Institute

“The resource has a wide scope, is evidence-based and is comprehensive,” said Professor Qualtrough. “It’s been a while in development so it’s a pleasure to see it come to fruition. We’ve had fantastic support from the team at NES without whom I don’t think the project would have reached this point.”

Professor Qualtrough urged those engaging with the resource to “browse, enjoy, share and feedback”.



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