The time is now for Government-funded ventilation upgrades

With NHS funding deadline fast approaching, choose the best team of experts to cover your location in a sustainable and well-planned manner

21 October, 2021 / professional-focus

The Ventilation Group are the industry experts in dental ventilation and our purpose is to return your practice to pre-pandemic operations.

With our knowledge and experience in sourcing, installing, and maintaining dentistry ventilation, we offer an end-to-end service tailored to your practice’s needs. Trusted by many dentists already, it is our aim to bring you on our journey towards improving Scotland’s dental health. 

We understand the impact COVID-19 has had on the industry and patient dental health. With mandatory fallow-times and public hesitancy over virus transmission, the number of patients returning for check-ups and treatments has fallen way below pre-pandemic levels.

Significantly, oral cancer referrals in Scotland have dropped by 30 per cent since the onset of the pandemic. Upgrading your ventilation could significantly help increase your daily patient intake and ensure a safe environment for those returning. 

The services we provide make the process of fitting new ventilation simple and affordable for our clients. We involve ourselves in every step of the process, overseeing the entire progress of the install. From preliminary measures of surveying the practice – determining which system would best suit, to the maintenance of the ventilation following the physical install.

We also provide consultation to NHS practices when it comes to applying for government funding. Crucially, we have kept our processes as efficient as possible to ensure affordable, universal access to our services – whether you are an NHS or private practice. 

At The Ventilation Company, we take pride in being green, clean and sustainable. Thus, when providing our universal service around Scotland, we look to minimise our carbon footprint. Therefore, while the March 2022 deadline for NHS funding is fast approaching, we aim to plan ahead and cover your location in a sustainable and well-planned manner. 

With our accessible, end-to-end service, there has never been an easier time to improve your ventilation to help you return to normal service. 

Contact us now for a free quote and we can start your journey towards cleaner and more effective ventilation.

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