Running Scotland 2021 – the high and lows

Time for another update from Running Scotland HQ - it’s been an up and down few months and we don’t just mean the hills…

21 June, 2021 / indepth
 Team Running Scotland  

It has been a massive relief to begin to see lockdown restrictions easing, allowing meet ups with friends and family, and the ever-tempting draw to the pub. It does of course make scheduling the long evening and weekend runs that little bit more difficult. It’s finding that balance between keeping fit but not becoming a complete social recluse!

It has, however, allowed our first official Running Scotland meet up to take place. Ryan and Paddy took on the Pentland Skyline a few weeks ago, decked out in full kit, navigating the 30km route which involves 6000ft of climbing. It’s scary to think an average day on our challenge would be at least two of these back-to-back.

Stuart absolutely smashed his Run the Date Challenge in March. This involved running 1km on the 1st, 2km on the 2nd, all the way to 31km on the 31st. For any sane person this would be their main challenge for the year. And whilst going from the highs of running 496km in one month to the lows of accidentally deleting his carefully curated semi aggressive running playlist (don’t ask!), he’s back on the scene to begin the hard summer miles in preparation for September, with running coach to boot.

Derek has all but fully recovered from his injuries which plagued his training for a number of months. Now steadily putting in the long miles around the hills of Greenock, alongside some kind of perverse munro fetish. Although with Rangers winning the league and Scotland’s forthcoming appearance in the Euros, there’s every chance for a non-running-related injury.

Whilst we all “enjoy” getting out running, this is sometimes the easy bit. Behind the scenes there is a lot more going on – booking accommodation, organising routes, arranging support crews etc, etc. Although arduous, over the next few months we will be carefully planning everything to the minute detail to ensure all we need to focus on is the run itself.

A major high has been smashing the £2,000 barrier for SAMH. Thank you once again for all your generous donations, you know who you are. Mental health awareness week reminded us all of why we are doing this challenge, and the importance of looking after yourself, both physically and mentally. 

Finally, massive thanks to our run sponsors who have been instrumental in allowing this challenge to take place.

(Running Scotland is kindly supported by: Kalyani Dental Lounge, Extreme Business with Coach Barrow, Rachel Barrow Web and Design, Quintess Denta, Sweden and Martina, PW and Partners, Vision Dental Laboratory, Kitchens International, Biohorizons Camlog, Perioacademy, Tunnocks, Ashley Latter Dental Sales Training, GSS Autocentre)

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