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09 June, 2021 / products

Restorative clinicians who previously relied on our trusted G-CEM LinkAce™ self-adhesive resin luting cement will want to hear about its exciting new replacement in GC’s restorative portfolio – G-CEM ONE™!

Preserving all the benefits of LinkAce, G-CEM ONE self-adhesive resin cement delivers high bond strength and long-lasting aesthetics, whilst also saving the clinician time by self-curing and being extremely easy to clean up.

G-CEM ONE is universally effective in all adhesive and self-adhesive procedures for all types of restoration, delivering excellent bond strength to enamel, dentin and all indirect materials. It is available in four shades – A2, Translucent, AO3, BO1 (White Opaque) – all of which deliver great aesthetics and invisible margins.

For more challenging clinical situations, such as low retentive surfaces, the accompanying Adhesion Enhancing Primer (AEP) can be used to accelerate the chemical cure of the cement. When the AEP is applied to the tooth surface, the chemical initiator works immediately, with no additional light curing required.

G-CEM ONE is not technique-sensitive and delivers exceptional self-curing even when thick or opaque restorations are used. The paste flows at just the right speed from the syringe and any excess can be tack-cured for easy removal. The AEP allows greater moisture and saliva tolerance when deployed, and virtually no post-operative sensitivity arises.

G-CEM ONE’s reduced inventory with fewer components offers clinicians a streamlined and reproducible workflow, making it an efficient and cost-effective choice. 

Put simply, G-CEM ONE is the ONE for peace of mind when it comes to all your adhesive requirements. Add it to your restorative toolkit today.

For more information on G-CEM ONE, contact GC UK Ltd on 01908 218999, email info.uk@gc.dental or visit https://europe.gc.dental/en-GB/products/gcemone

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